Banks are continuously offering good rates for new customers and thereby neglect their existing customers.

At Base Finance we have no loyalty to any particular bank, which means that we will push to make sure you get the best deal. Once a client of Base Finance, we will review your rates to make sure you are continually being looked after and not being left behind.

We do all the work so that you can change banks seamlessly to make the process have minimal impact on your time, but then save you money.

There are lots of other reasons people refinance such as:

  • Consolidating debts into a cheaper rate
  • Releasing money to renovate or buy a car
  • Releasing equity to have funds for an investment

We offer independent advice, on a strictly confidential basis. If we consider that your current loan is most appropriate for you, we will let you know and tell you to stay put. If, however, there are other products on the market that you should consider, we will bring them to your attention and help you select the best one for your individual circumstance.